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Wholearth Spice Blends are hand crafted to bring alive the authentic flavors of various cultures and regions of our world. These spice blends contain the highest quality organic spices, combining them to create a harmonious flavor that is distinct, unique, and authentic. These versatile blends can be used as rubs, marinades or seasonings, or can be added to salad dressings, soups and sauces.

Wholearth Spice Blends are created by a professional chef with over twenty years of experience and a dream to bring the dynamic flavors of the world to your kitchen, bringing our culture closer together.

Recipe Ideas

Cajun vegetable soup Italian seafood chowed Latin grilled chicken

Cajun vegetable soup

Italian spiced seafood chowder

Latin spice rubbed and grilled chicken breast

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Strawberries with balsamic glaze

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