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Created by a profes-sional, award-winning chef and nutritionist, Wholearth Spice foods provide you with the highest quality ingredients, delicious taste and the healthful benefits of good nutrition. Wholearth Spice foods are produced with the highest quality assurance standards to ensure full nutritional value, and guarantee freshness. Certified Organic in Accordance with California Food Act, 1990.

Grandma Dave’s

The unique, flavorful
spice blend in this
granola will tantalize
your taste buds
with hints of vanilla,
orange juice and molasses. The all-natural
ingredients contain no preservatives,
added oils or refined sugars, wheat gluten,
or animal products. It’s slow-baked in small
batches to maintain optimum flavor.

Nutrition Benefits:
Due to its low sugar content, you’ll receive
sustained energy from this flavorful granola. It
contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty
acids, an essential “good” fat your body needs
as much as it needs vitamins. These fatty
acids help protect the heart and prevent
stroke, lower cholesterol levels, and alleviate
arthritis. Grandma Dave’s Organic Granola is
also a good source of fiber.

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