Meet Grandma Dave

David Wells is the founder, President and Chief
Tasting Officer of Wholearth Spice Company.
David is dedicated to helping others lead
healthier and happier lives through good nutrition
and exercise. He is an award-winning chef, fitness
trainer, and nutrition coach with more than 22
years of culinary and fitness experience.

David’s love of cooking led him to the Culinary
Institute of America, where he graduated at the
top of his class. Later he taught nutrition at
California Culinary Academy. David has the
distinction of being featured in Bon Appetit
magazine, preparing meals for a multitude of
celebrities, and serving as chef at Skywalker Ranch.

A main focus of David’s work has been nutrition
research, particularly in the treatment and
prevention of cancer. He has developed specific
recipes to boost the immune system and energy
level of cancer patients. David founded
Nutracoach ( to provide
nutrition coaching to people dealing with illness,
and to others who simply want to lead healthier,
more energized lives. Friends call David “Grandma
Dave” for his nurturing way with clients.

David has collaborated with many organizations
to promote health, including Commonweal,
Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Heart
Association and the American Cancer Society.

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